Anti Splitting Masterbatch

Anti Split Masterbatch


Kevichem’s Anti Splitting MB is designed for enhancing the strength, toughness & impact of oriented PET Strapping Bands and protect against the slitting effect.

Antifog Masterbatch


Antifog MB reduces the contact angle of condensed water droplets, giving anti fogging effect to finale product. Small droplets of water vapour caused poor transparency & spoiling of food. Kevichem’s Antifog MB are used in food packaging to improve the asthetics by reducing the appearance of fogged sheet or film.

Anti Scratch Masterbatch

Anti Scratch Masterbatch


Parts made by plastics gets scratched easily & is of no use as it loses its attractiveness. Anti scratch MB are made which exhibits scratch resistance property. Kevichem’s anti scratch MB has been designed to improve the scratch resistance of PP moulded & injected articles during handling or transportation.

Diffuser Masterbatch


Light Diffuser Additive MB helps to spread light effectively. Light diffuser MB lessens the harshness of LED, it produces more uniform light output.
Kevichem’s Diffuser MB creates an Integrated Luminuous light, also increases high brightness efficiency.

Frost Masterbatch


Frost effect masterbatches provides an iced effect similar to frosted glass to plastics. Kevichem’s frost effect collection enables to create high end, sophisticated bottles, in a wide range of colour options.

Granite Effect Masterbatch


Special Effect MB like Granite Effect MB has become an essential part of associated colour trends that are constantly researched. Special effect MB makes the product unique & worthy.
They are primarily used in furniture & household products.