Product Description

ncepted in the year 1995, “Kevichem Colour Pvt. Ltd.” is amongst the leading name in the industry affianced in manufacturing clarifiers for polypropylene.

KEVICHEM’S Clarifying master batch agents were first introduced in 2011 to reduce haze by polynucleating the polymer and increasing the clarity of the polypropylene.

It also reduces

Manufacturing cost due to increased production of polypropylene, enhances aesthetics and improves physical properties.

The new KEVICHEM CLARIZOL® (PP Clarifier) masterbatch is a high-performance Sorbitol-based clarifying agent for Polyolefin that overcomes the limitations of previous generations by:


Polypropylene clarified with CLARIZOL® (PP Clarifier) is the right choice for most applications where product clarity is essential; applications range from medical devices to packaging to consumer items used in Food & Beverages, Electronics, Pharmaceuticals, and Household etc.


1. Sterling Appeal: Crystal Clear PP

  • Highest Clarity
  • Brilliant Gloss
  • Superior Surface Smoothness

Easy Processing Characteristics: CLARIZOL® (PP Clarifier) resins can be used in any fabrication process without the temperature limitation’s plat – out of former clarifying agent.

3. Excellent Taste & Odor Properties: Suitable for odor sensitive applications & for food contact.

4. Outstanding Nucleation Capability: For enhanced physical properties, faster processing & replacement of conventional nucleation in opaque applications.

5. Intensified Productivity: PP clarified with KEVICHEM’S CLARIZOL 3G® (PP Clarifier) gives unreasonable throughput & productivity.

6. Cost-Effectiveness: The cost efficiency of PP, combined with its low density, makes it an attractive alternative to other resins.

7. Versatility: PP clarified with KEVICHEM’S CLARIZOL 3G® (PP Clarifier) offers excellent combinations of properties such as toughness, flexibility, rigidity, moisture barrier, chemical resistance, heat resistance& suitability for food conduct.

8. Enhanced Properties: PP clarified with KEVICHEM’S CLARIZOL 3G® (PP Clarifier) masterbatch offers improved physical properties, particularly higher stiffness & heat distortion temperature, as compared to non-clarified PP.

9. Wider Process Ability: KEVICHEM’S masterbatch  CLARIZOL 3G® (PP Clarifier)  does not plate-out on cooling surfaces & does not produce objectionable odors during processing.