Product Description

Incepted in the year 1995, “Kevichem Colour Pvt. Ltd.” is amongst the leading name in the industry affianced in manufacturer of PP Clarifier & Nucleating Agent for polypropylene.
Manufactured in tune with the industry set norms and quality guidelines, our offered array of products are developed making use of best grade raw inputs along with latest and cutting edge tools, technology and machinery.
KEVICHEM’s Nucleating Agent were introduced in the year – 2015, to reduce haze through polynucleation of the polymer by enhancing clarity of the polypropylene.
It also reduces manufacturing cost due to increased production of polypropylene, enhances aesthetics and improves physical properties.

Nucleating Agent (Clarizol G)

Properties of Clarizol G


Melting Point



Loss on Drying

< 0.5%

< 0.35%


> 98.0% min

> 98.3% min


Physical Property Enhancement


KC-06 offers unique polypropylene physical properties that combine balanced bidirectional stiffness and excellent impact performance, to meet strict application requirements.

Transportation/Injection molding


KC-06 provides the perfect balance of physical properties and nucleation speed for zero gap bumper applications.



KC-06 improves the extrusion processing of PP pipe, and can be used to optimize shrinkage and production perforamnce.

Case Study

Automotive Exterior



Process: Injection Molding

Process: ECM

Process: Other

Isotropic shrikage for tight tolerence 

Pigment leveling-overiding process with various pigments

Improved processing and  throughput

Very good HDT performance

Consistent Processing

Better dimensional stability

Balanced stiffness/impact performance

Cycle time reduction

Optimized stiffness impact performance

Very low CLTE for demanding exterior application

Improve quality - less defects such as sink marks

Excellent HDT performance

Blow Molding

  • KC-06 nucleating agents provide better neck dimensional stability, ovality ratios closer to the ideal, and barrier improvements at significantly higher production rates
  • KC-06 changes the crystal orientation in HDPE resulting in barrier improvements and thus opportunities for down gauging in personal care, nutraceuticals, HIC and fule
  • KC-06 improves the neck ovality ratio resulting in potential cycle time reduction of I0% or

Advantage of K C -06

  • Provides excellent high peak crystallization temperatures .
  • Exhibit low hygroscopicity in order to accord an extremely good shelf-stable additive
  • Excellent calcium stearate capability within target thermoplastic articles and
  • Easily dispersed KC -06 compound in polyolefin’s exhibits very high stiffness and good
  • KC -06 produce larger number of uniform smaller As a result clarification may be achieved. Although excellent clarity is not always a result. The more uniform and smaller crystal size, less light is scattered, the clarity of the thermoplastic article itself can be improved.