KEVICHEM’S pp clarifier abs masterbatch is a Clarifying agent introduced in 2011 to reduce haze through polynucleation of the polymer by enhancing the clarity of the polypropylene. It also reduces manufacturing costs due to increased production of polypropylene, enhances aesthetics, and improves physical properties.
KEVICHEM’S 3rd Generation CLARIZOL (PP Clarifier) abs masterbatch is a new High-Performance Sorbitol based clarifying agent for Polyolefin which is aimed to buckle down the limitations of former generation defining agents with respect to:

Transparency | Organoleptics | Process ability | Nucleation capability


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Specification of Clarizol 3G

PP Clarifier High Performance Sorbitol Based Clarifying Agent For Polypropelene


Reduces haze & enhances the clarity of polypropylene through polynucleation of the polymer.

Chemical Name

1,3 : 2,4-Bis (3,4-Dimethyldibenzylidene) sorbital (DMDBS)



Molecular Weight


Product form & Appearance

White Powder


Clarizol is used for clarifying polypropylene homopolymer & Random copolymer

Physical Properties




Melting Range

240° - 262° C

Bulk Density



g/100g Solvent, Water- NIL


Used in concentration between 0.1 – 0.3% in polypropylene homopolymer & Random copolymer.


Clarizol is used for clarifying polypropylene homopolymer & random copolymer

Features / Benefits

Clarizol is meant for producing high clarity polypropylene.
- The product acts as a nucleating agent.