About Kevichem

Our Passion leading towards legacy of Excellence

Kevichem subsists to face challenges and we love to unlock the potential of innovation and sustainability everywhere on earth. We believe while working together, we can connect with unprecedented people, ideas, and science to create specialized materials that will enhance our performance. We commit to firm problem-solving and unwavering service, we enable customers to transform their visions into products that improve quality of life in meaningful, dynamic ways.
We have a passion for innovation and making a difference, we love accepting challenges of so many companies who trusts us when they need exceptional services.
One of our accomplishments in this time was receiving Best Plastic & Polymer Brand award from The Economic Times. Culture is everything, and at Kevichem Colours, we value diversity and work-life balance. Our legacy is long and accomplished, yet Kevichem’s new era as a world-class sustainable organization, in many regards, is only just beginning.

Our Vision

To acquire & maintain global leadership position

Our Mission

Delivering exceptional services and satisfaction to customers through highly skilled team & emphasis on quality

Our Values

passion for work, teamwork, integrity, innovation

Team Presence

Our professional team is an integral part and their work excellence is connected with the efficiency and sustainability of each of our products, providing the best quality so that users have a positive experience using them.

Our Commitment 

Sustainable Innovation and Betterment for the Future!

Creation is our passion, at Kevichem we tend to convert challenges into prospects. We look out for many new and higher ways in terms of sustainable innovation that assist the move globally ahead via intentional, accountable materials innovation that emphasizes the higher the well-being of the future.

Interested in working with us?

Interested in working with us?

Serious inquiries from serious talent are always appreciated.